What is a ‘traditional’ relationship?

There was a night, before Master and I were D/s, where I was crawling around in the attic plucking at red and black wires in the dark to finish the installation of the new ceiling fan. I’d gotten the over-sized fan with a built in bluetooth speaker as a final touch for the master bathroom … Continue reading What is a ‘traditional’ relationship?

Why Submission isn’t always easy

I am not a submissive person. Not in the slightest. To you, my readers and like-minded individuals in the D/s and kinky world, this might be a surprise. But to those who know me in the vanilla world, it is quite the opposite. People from my vanilla world, especially my family; my sisters, brothers, and … Continue reading Why Submission isn’t always easy

Reviewing our Power Exchange for 2021

Power exchange relationships are some of the most complex and deep relationships you can enter. They require a great deal of communication, and yield an even greater deal of intensity. They also need maintenance, evaluation, and reassessment of what is working and what isn't. They aren't for everyone. Master and I started our power-exchange at … Continue reading Reviewing our Power Exchange for 2021

The gift of a year

This last year has been an eye-opener opener for me in so many ways. I'm not speaking to politics, or the pandemic, or the ongoing social crises we have been in. Though, all of those things are part of my life, as they are everyone else's too, and have influenced me. My current reflection and … Continue reading The gift of a year

Morning Maintenance Spankings: A year-long reflection

We entered into our full-time power exchange over a year ago. When we did, daily maintenance spankings instantly became part of our morning ritual, which in turn evolved into my daily collaring. Our ritual consisted of three parts; inspection, impact\spanking, and mantras. Each step was designed with intentional thought, driven from some need one of … Continue reading Morning Maintenance Spankings: A year-long reflection

Master and minnie’s Christmas 🎄

We've started a new Christmas tradition, one where Master and minnie have their own Christmas together... and no one else is invited. 🙂 Little minnie even got her own Magical Christmas!! We kept our house in California, and are using it as a vacation house, which is great for our playground. I found these awesome … Continue reading Master and minnie’s Christmas 🎄

What’s in a feeling?

I have been trying to describe what submission feels like, or more accurately what it is to feel submissive, to someone who doesn't know or understand it. It is amazingly hard. In speech, expressing our emotions, our desires, we call it a 'feeling'. "I want to feel submissive." "I am feeling submissive." Phrased like that, … Continue reading What’s in a feeling?