Two Cocky Christmas Gifts

At the start of the week, Master gave me two special Christmas gifts. One was freedom to touch his cock, as much as I want for the next TWO MONTHS!! Ha ha ha, okay, just until Christmas. 😁😁😁 This is such a great gift for me. We practice cock worship, and keeping Mr. Cock away … Continue reading Two Cocky Christmas Gifts

How to take a bad girl and make her into a good girl

*content warning: explicit kinky sex I woke up angry. I told him as much. I told him I wanted to be bad. Very bad. "I've got a treatment for bad girls," he said. You start by cuffing their hands behind their back, and opening their legs with a spreader bar. You throw them in the … Continue reading How to take a bad girl and make her into a good girl

Woman seeking perfection

I'm always in search of a better, more perfect anal plug. I'm sure it exists out there, but I haven't found it yet. My most recent purchase was the njoy pure plug. They are solid stainless steal, smooth, and high quality. All that steal makes them heavy. I got the large. It is 11 ounces, … Continue reading Woman seeking perfection

An Edgy Allowance

minnie has earned an allowance! One free orgasm a month! Master still maintains complete control over when and where, but minnie gets one freebie. Additional orgasms may possibly be earned. Stolen orgasms - since they all belong to him - get punishment. My first allowance was granted this month, August. I'm still edging pretty high … Continue reading An Edgy Allowance