What I am to him – my four roles

There are many sides to who I can become in my role as his submissive. I can be his little girl, his good girl, his whore, or his fuck toy. Each of these is unique and different, a distinct feeling and place in my brain. My personality is slightly to dramatically different in each. I … Continue reading What I am to him – my four roles

Trying to Make the Juggling Act Look Easy.

We have four kids and 4 grandkids, so the next 30 days topic on being kinky and being a parent is definitely something I had to think about. When we started our power-exchange how to behave around our kids was something I thought about all the time. I had a lot of worries and fears, … Continue reading Trying to Make the Juggling Act Look Easy.

My 2020 blog. What do you want to see?

My life has brought about a lot of changes lately. I have moved... twice-ish. Bought and sold a house. Started and stopped jobs a few times. 2019 was a transformative year for me in a lot of ways. I recently made another major change in my life, and am beginning a new phase. It has … Continue reading My 2020 blog. What do you want to see?

Master and minnie’s Christmas 🎄

We've started a new Christmas tradition, one where Master and minnie have their own Christmas together... and no one else is invited. 🙂 Little minnie even got her own Magical Christmas!! We kept our house in California, and are using it as a vacation house, which is great for our playground. I found these awesome … Continue reading Master and minnie’s Christmas 🎄

40 + 2 things about little minnie!

little minnie loves Skitty the most!...right after Master, of course. Duh!little minnie's favorite color is cotton candy pinklittle minnie likes to colorshe likes glitter and shiny things.she has two stuffies; minnie and skittylittle minnie adopted her pet skitty after getting Master's permission, and worked very hard to get her. :Dshe loves to snuggle....especially if Skitty … Continue reading 40 + 2 things about little minnie!

Little minnie got her own pet skitty!

She worked very hard for it all week! She followed all Master's orders, and always did what he asked. She was available and ready, whenever Master wanted. She also had a really bad day, and worked through some big problems. She was a very good girl, Master even said so. And she was rewarded with … Continue reading Little minnie got her own pet skitty!

little minnie

little minnie is the little side of me. She comes out when I am feeling particularly vulnerable. She is not a major part of me, per say. More specifically, we are not DD/lg full time. I am primarily submissive. However, I do touch into her, and she does feel like another side of me. minnie's … Continue reading little minnie