My Master’s plan for my orgasms

If you've been reading my recent posts, you already know my Master told me he was considering a 6 month period of orgasm denial for me. Also, if you have been reading my blog for very long, you would also know this would be almost impossible for me. Much like collaredmichael noticed in his comments. … Continue reading My Master’s plan for my orgasms

What Orgasm Denial can do for you.

I don't know when I last had an orgasm. My best approximation is the middle to the end of March. My Master decided to start a denial period at the beginning of April, however, that isn't when I last had an orgasm. We had already been edging for a couple days before that, but I … Continue reading What Orgasm Denial can do for you.

Edging versus Orgasm Denial, what’s the diff?

This post is all about sexual vocabulary, so grab your notepads and get ready to expand your brains. *Disclaimer: There's no great big book of the proper sex vocabulary and their definitions, (OMG, I should totally write that.) so this is of course, all based off my interpretation and experience from life, the kink community, … Continue reading Edging versus Orgasm Denial, what’s the diff?

An Edgy Allowance

minnie has earned an allowance! One free orgasm a month! Master still maintains complete control over when and where, but minnie gets one freebie. Additional orgasms may possibly be earned. Stolen orgasms - since they all belong to him - get punishment. My first allowance was granted this month, August. I'm still edging pretty high … Continue reading An Edgy Allowance

I won’t do it again. Pinky Promise.

I was rummaging around over at Rebel's Notes, and rather enjoying my reading when I came across her most recent post. It was a response to the following question. What have you done sexually, that you would never do again? I'm not sure where she got this prompt, and it's not the kind of soul … Continue reading I won’t do it again. Pinky Promise.

“Again,” is all I heard.

If you've read my other posts, you'll already know I'm all about orgasm control. I love edging. I love being told 'no.' I love feeling his power and dominance over me. However, edging alone is not orgasm control. Neither is orgasm denial. Orgasm control can also be to orgasm. Orgasm control is an act of … Continue reading “Again,” is all I heard.

Super orgasm? Yes, please!

The documentary is about women who have super orgasms. A super orgasm is one that lasts beyond your common single orgasm, even beyond the usual multiple orgasm. Instead, these orgasms push up into one another so fast, so frequent, that they stretch into clusters of unending orgams. They become indistinguishable from one another, so they … Continue reading Super orgasm? Yes, please!