You can see me at the pool.

We're finally in one house full-time. Whew! I haven't written about it much, but this has been the longest, most stressful move ever. Since we made the decision to move to CA last May we have been back and forth more times then I could possibly count - like honestly I have no idea how … Continue reading You can see me at the pool.

Just before sunrise

It is the beginning of my 5th day of full edging, and it is getting harder to contain myself. I am mindlessly rocking my hips most of the time, and dripping wet when nude. Last night I slept with the cuffs on, tied to the corner of the bed. In fact, I am writing this … Continue reading Just before sunrise

Titles, Terms, and Labels

== Results from == 100% Submissive 100% Rope bunny 99% Slave 92% Masochist 90% Degradee 79% Boy/Girl 75% Pet 73% Primal (Prey) 71% Exhibitionist 67% Experimentalist 48% Voyeur 47% Non-monogamist 40% Daddy/Mommy 40% Brat 20% Ageplayer 18% Vanilla 11% Primal (Hunter) 5% Rigger 4% Brat tamer 1% Dominant 1% Switch 1% Sadist 0% Degrader … Continue reading Titles, Terms, and Labels