No more allowance for me

Last summer Master put me on a monthly orgasm allowance. My orgasms have never been my own, at least not since I submitted to my Master about 19 months ago. Since then, I have been under his full control when it comes to both sex and orgasms. I don't get to decide when or if … Continue reading No more allowance for me

The state of things.

Last night I asked one too many questions about exactly what would happen if I did fuck myself in the middle of the night. "If you made yourself cum, you'd be punished," Master went on, but I already knew the answer. I suppose I wanted to hear him say it, describe it just to prove … Continue reading The state of things.

How to use PUNISHMENT to shape your dynamic effectively.

Punishment, or more accurately, your use of punishment is a major element in any power-exchange relationship. That doesn't mean you should definitely have it. It does mean you should definitely talk about it, have negotiated norms and expectations around it. You should also leave room to renegotiate those terms as time passes and your dynamic … Continue reading How to use PUNISHMENT to shape your dynamic effectively.

An Edgy Allowance

minnie has earned an allowance! One free orgasm a month! Master still maintains complete control over when and where, but minnie gets one freebie. Additional orgasms may possibly be earned. Stolen orgasms - since they all belong to him - get punishment. My first allowance was granted this month, August. I'm still edging pretty high … Continue reading An Edgy Allowance

A punishment, a humiliation, a fantasy

I'm perched on the end of the bed, laid back, legs spread wide with each knee tied to the corresponding bed post. The position holds my pussy wide open, putting it on display. The binds are tight, and positioned up high enough it doesn't matter how hard I kick, there's no moving out of it. … Continue reading A punishment, a humiliation, a fantasy

Just before sunrise

It is the beginning of my 5th day of full edging, and it is getting harder to contain myself. I am mindlessly rocking my hips most of the time, and dripping wet when nude. Last night I slept with the cuffs on, tied to the corner of the bed. In fact, I am writing this … Continue reading Just before sunrise

Trust is a five-letter word.

I think a D/s relationship, especially a 24/7 D/s relationship requires an unusually high level of trust. Higher then most relationships, higher then a standard vanilla relationship. It also fosters and grows a heightened level of trust, making the need and feeding of trust cyclic. I think a great deal of that trust building comes … Continue reading Trust is a five-letter word.

I’ll take some Rules, Consequences, and Pretty Things.

I would argue all relationships have rules. Maybe they aren't written down, but they are there, under the surface. An expectation or a condition that, if it isn't met, has consequences. They naturally grow and change with time, and are driven by some need, either spoken or silent, by one or both of the partners. … Continue reading I’ll take some Rules, Consequences, and Pretty Things.