Chugging along

Our life is chugging along, and we are getting settled in. We have attended a couple local events, a munch and a vendor fair, with more on the horizon. We had more planned for this week, but -of course- I'm sick again. I swear I am constantly sick, especially compared to my Master. He is … Continue reading Chugging along

Stuck in a rabbit hole?

My mom and sisters have been visiting all week. It's been a great treat, especially since they are flying in from across the country. It has given me the family connection I needed after moving two states away. They do not, however, know who I really am, minnie. They know my vanilla self, the child … Continue reading Stuck in a rabbit hole?

Do you have a kinky community?

We live in the Pacific Northwest. It rains here. A lot. If I could run around in pink boots and carry a cute, little pink umbrella, and play in the rain all day, I think I would like it. In reality, I feel more like this... ... so we are considering moving to Southern California. … Continue reading Do you have a kinky community?