Why Submission isn’t always easy

I am not a submissive person. Not in the slightest. To you, my readers and like-minded individuals in the D/s and kinky world, this might be a surprise. But to those who know me in the vanilla world, it is quite the opposite. People from my vanilla world, especially my family; my sisters, brothers, and … Continue reading Why Submission isn’t always easy

Hello All!

I can't believe how long I have been absent from here! This is clearly the busy time of the year for me, since I was also absent this time last year. Combined with the quarantine, and living in a hotspot of cases, has led me to either being overly busy or feeling overwhelmed. Oh yeah, … Continue reading Hello All!

When a man comes to town

When my Master comes in the room, I feel his presence. I feel his power. He has a dominance over me that makes me quiver. I turn to mush. I am innocent and little, and a total submissive whore. I am what he wants. Adaptable. Malleable. What he wants, of course, is me. Raw me. … Continue reading When a man comes to town