Is it time for you to adopt a safe word?

When I first saw this topic I wondered what I would have to say about safewords... again. I already posted about it for the 30 days of D/s here, and made various other small mentions of it. However, it turned out to have come at the right time. Honestly, Mr.R and I haven't had much … Continue reading Is it time for you to adopt a safe word?

Would you like a cup of tea?

This video is by far my most favorite when it comes to consent. It has nothing to do with BDSM or D/s specifically, but rather talks about consent in a broader sense, applying to all people. This is the British Voice Over version, because everything - especially when dealing with tea - is better with … Continue reading Would you like a cup of tea?

Pineapple Juice!

Pineapple is the second most common safeword, preceded only by red. Seriously, look it up. There's a couple random words in the top ten list, like unicorn, but it's mostly assorted fruits and colors. Of course, there's also pineapple juice, but that's a different story. ("That is change. You know how long it took me … Continue reading Pineapple Juice!