A public spanking, indeed.

In my various searchings and ramblings across the internet I came across this little gem. If you do a google search for the image you will find it posted on various bdsm, spanking or other kinky sites and blogs. Some of which claim it is a fake due to the position of the spanking officer's … Continue reading A public spanking, indeed.

What a good spanking could do.

Every so now and then I get really absorbed in a trend of thinking from the past. I am pretty anylictical, and get passionate about gender inequality issues, so they usually revolve around ideas of gender, or some other social identity that creates a discrepancy or division among groups of people. I see media and … Continue reading What a good spanking could do.

A photographic story of bondage and escape!

I've been extremely busy lately with two night classes I'm taking. Each class assigns at least 20 hours of homework each week, so I'm beyond maxed out between these and work and the rest of my life. If I had known how much work they would be, I would have taken only 1 at a … Continue reading A photographic story of bondage and escape!

No more allowance for me

Last summer Master put me on a monthly orgasm allowance. My orgasms have never been my own, at least not since I submitted to my Master about 19 months ago. Since then, I have been under his full control when it comes to both sex and orgasms. I don't get to decide when or if … Continue reading No more allowance for me

I can’t help it. It’s extra delicious!

In our D/s, I am my Master's sex slave. This means, I am available to him at his beckoned call twenty-four hours a day for whatever his desire may be. I am his fuck toy, his whore, his cum slut, and he gets to use me in any way he desires. But every so now … Continue reading I can’t help it. It’s extra delicious!

Woman seeking perfection

I'm always in search of a better, more perfect anal plug. I'm sure it exists out there, but I haven't found it yet. My most recent purchase was the njoy pure plug. They are solid stainless steal, smooth, and high quality. All that steal makes them heavy. I got the large. It is 11 ounces, … Continue reading Woman seeking perfection

A punishment, a humiliation, a fantasy

I'm perched on the end of the bed, laid back, legs spread wide with each knee tied to the corresponding bed post. The position holds my pussy wide open, putting it on display. The binds are tight, and positioned up high enough it doesn't matter how hard I kick, there's no moving out of it. … Continue reading A punishment, a humiliation, a fantasy

Just before sunrise

It is the beginning of my 5th day of full edging, and it is getting harder to contain myself. I am mindlessly rocking my hips most of the time, and dripping wet when nude. Last night I slept with the cuffs on, tied to the corner of the bed. In fact, I am writing this … Continue reading Just before sunrise

Bondage, blindfolds, and human furniture

Once upon a time, bondage was the bread and butter of our kink. That, and blindfolds. We didn't classify either as BDSM, mostly because we didn't know what BDSM was, at least not beyond the mainstream media of the 80's and 90's - which presented BDSM as the sign of an unhealthy mind. With the … Continue reading Bondage, blindfolds, and human furniture