Two Cocky Christmas Gifts

At the start of the week, Master gave me two special Christmas gifts. One was freedom to touch his cock, as much as I want for the next TWO MONTHS!! Ha ha ha, okay, just until Christmas. 😁😁😁 This is such a great gift for me. We practice cock worship, and keeping Mr. Cock away … Continue reading Two Cocky Christmas Gifts

Hello, readers, it’s me, minnie.

I've had a recent influx of new followers, and with it questions about how to find stuff on my blog, and who I am. I invite any and all of you to continue to email me with questions about my life, how to start or maintain a power-exchange relationship, or what it is to be … Continue reading Hello, readers, it’s me, minnie.

My Master’s plan for my orgasms

If you've been reading my recent posts, you already know my Master told me he was considering a 6 month period of orgasm denial for me. Also, if you have been reading my blog for very long, you would also know this would be almost impossible for me. Much like collaredmichael noticed in his comments. … Continue reading My Master’s plan for my orgasms

No more allowance for me

Last summer Master put me on a monthly orgasm allowance. My orgasms have never been my own, at least not since I submitted to my Master about 19 months ago. Since then, I have been under his full control when it comes to both sex and orgasms. I don't get to decide when or if … Continue reading No more allowance for me

I can’t help it. It’s extra delicious!

In our D/s, I am my Master's sex slave. This means, I am available to him at his beckoned call twenty-four hours a day for whatever his desire may be. I am his fuck toy, his whore, his cum slut, and he gets to use me in any way he desires. But every so now … Continue reading I can’t help it. It’s extra delicious!

Do you abandon safety in subspace?

This is my third post in a series on subspace, as promised, though it is a bit later then I intended. With my imposter fears, I almost abandoned the thread all together, but when I saw it half done I remembered how important this particular story is. I learned my lesson the hard way, but … Continue reading Do you abandon safety in subspace?

An Edgy Allowance

minnie has earned an allowance! One free orgasm a month! Master still maintains complete control over when and where, but minnie gets one freebie. Additional orgasms may possibly be earned. Stolen orgasms - since they all belong to him - get punishment. My first allowance was granted this month, August. I'm still edging pretty high … Continue reading An Edgy Allowance

Just before sunrise

It is the beginning of my 5th day of full edging, and it is getting harder to contain myself. I am mindlessly rocking my hips most of the time, and dripping wet when nude. Last night I slept with the cuffs on, tied to the corner of the bed. In fact, I am writing this … Continue reading Just before sunrise

Hello world! I am still alive, and I have missed you!

Wow, I can't believe how long it has been. (So much for my 3 posts a week rule... oops.) I am still here, however, and have so much catching up to do. There were so many great prompts I had really wanted to participate in, some I even half way wrote out early. I will … Continue reading Hello world! I am still alive, and I have missed you!