Hello, readers, it’s me, minnie.

I've had a recent influx of new followers, and with it questions about how to find stuff on my blog, and who I am. I invite any and all of you to continue to email me with questions about my life, how to start or maintain a power-exchange relationship, or what it is to be … Continue reading Hello, readers, it’s me, minnie.

A list about me

I've been in the mood for more personal posts lately, so when I saw this floating around on Succulent Savage and collaredmichael's pages, I thought I'd participate while adding in more personal details about myself.•Been Married - I've been married my entire adult life. I've only actually been legally single for a few months.•Been divorced … Continue reading A list about me

The gift of a year

This last year has been an eye-opener opener for me in so many ways. I'm not speaking to politics, or the pandemic, or the ongoing social crises we have been in. Though, all of those things are part of my life, as they are everyone else's too, and have influenced me. My current reflection and … Continue reading The gift of a year

I am what you made me.

I think I was always submissive. No one has ever seen me that way, and would probably think the opposite. I am known as a fighter. People have thought of me as someone who wants things my own way. It isn't true. It never has been. I just share my thoughts and ideas, while others … Continue reading I am what you made me.

Can a submissive train a Master?

This is a real question I have. No, I'm not talking about topping from the bottom. Nor am I talking about my dynamic specifically. It might be more accurate phrased differently. Especially since I can hear your knee-jerk reaction. I heard mine. Hit the table, knee still hurts... But seriously, if you know anything about … Continue reading Can a submissive train a Master?

My 2020 blog. What do you want to see?

My life has brought about a lot of changes lately. I have moved... twice-ish. Bought and sold a house. Started and stopped jobs a few times. 2019 was a transformative year for me in a lot of ways. I recently made another major change in my life, and am beginning a new phase. It has … Continue reading My 2020 blog. What do you want to see?

Umm, excuse me. My collar is up here.

Over the past couple weeks I have been able to wear my leather slave collar out in public pretty consistently. This is mostly because we've been away from our vanilla life and kids, hanging out at our other house. It's a fun and safe place for us to play in in a truly full time … Continue reading Umm, excuse me. My collar is up here.

In a World Where D/s is the Goal…

Master and I recently had a really great goal-setting discussion. Actually, we've had a lot of really great discussions lately. Not only that, but our D/s has been growing exponentially in many ways, leaving me feeling really well cared for and important to him. A good dose of humiliation and submissiveness does a little minnie … Continue reading In a World Where D/s is the Goal…

What’s in a feeling?

I have been trying to describe what submission feels like, or more accurately what it is to feel submissive, to someone who doesn't know or understand it. It is amazingly hard. In speech, expressing our emotions, our desires, we call it a 'feeling'. "I want to feel submissive." "I am feeling submissive." Phrased like that, … Continue reading What’s in a feeling?

Trust is a five-letter word.

I think a D/s relationship, especially a 24/7 D/s relationship requires an unusually high level of trust. Higher then most relationships, higher then a standard vanilla relationship. It also fosters and grows a heightened level of trust, making the need and feeding of trust cyclic. I think a great deal of that trust building comes … Continue reading Trust is a five-letter word.