Becoming minnie.

I got my name from Mr.R. We were fresh into this D/s, 24/7/365 life, maybe a week. I told him I wanted a submissive name over a text. We were sitting next to each other in the living room. There were prying ears around, but I didn't want to wait. I couldn't wait. Not another … Continue reading Becoming minnie.

Do you have a kinky community?

We live in the Pacific Northwest. It rains here. A lot. If I could run around in pink boots and carry a cute, little pink umbrella, and play in the rain all day, I think I would like it. In reality, I feel more like this... ... so we are considering moving to Southern California. … Continue reading Do you have a kinky community?

Calling all Polka Dots.

I love polka dots. However, I don't have enough of them in my wardrobe. I had one skirt, which is now too small (along with most everything I own) because of the weight I've lost under Master's guidance. They are fun, playful, and yet classy and sophisticated. They also look great in any color, and … Continue reading Calling all Polka Dots.

Getting a brand new set of rules.

We are about to rewrite our rules. There's not necessarily anything wrong with the ones we have, except they haven't been updated in a while. The 14th topic for Loving BDSM's 30 Days is rules, so it seems the perfect time to bring it up. Our rules have always been a work in progress. Or, … Continue reading Getting a brand new set of rules.

You can overcome negative emotions with communication

This prompt in 30 Days is on negative emotions; jealousy, anger, and fear. For me and my Dom, few negative emotions exist outside of conflict. Jealousy between us isn't more than a fleeting moment, if at all. Honestly, if someone flirted with Mr.R it might turn me on, though it would probably make him pretty … Continue reading You can overcome negative emotions with communication