Super orgasm? Yes, please!

The documentary is about women who have super orgasms. A super orgasm is one that lasts beyond your common single orgasm, even beyond the usual multiple orgasm. Instead, these orgasms push up into one another so fast, so frequent, that they stretch into clusters of unending orgams. They become indistinguishable from one another, so they … Continue reading Super orgasm? Yes, please!

Vulnerability is actually a gift you give yourself.

I equate vulnerability to insecurity. It is more than that, of course. Much, much more. It is a state of being open, emotionally available, and free. Without vulnerability, you have no communication, no connection, no bonding. It is at the soul, the very nucleus, of love. It is a necessity for life and happiness. It … Continue reading Vulnerability is actually a gift you give yourself.

Tell me about…submission.

Trust. I can think of no other way to describe submissiveness then trust. Undying, devotional, deep, unconditional trust. Trust so deep it runs like an ocean, and brings tears to my eyes. Before I became his submissive, I thought we had trust. I saw trust as knowing he was faithful, he loved me, and that … Continue reading Tell me about…submission.