Got my minnie tattoo yesterday!

This photo was taken when it was still fresh in the shop, not cleaned, not even bandaged yet. There's even a bit of blood coming up in the bow. (Luckily it blends in with the red.) But it's done, and I love it! So does Master! I'd like to go back and add white into … Continue reading Got my minnie tattoo yesterday!

What’s in a (BDSM) symbol?

When Master and I entered into D/s we'd been BDSM in the bedroom for decades - two to be exact, as long as we've been together. We were BDSM before we knew what it was. With the vocabulary I have now, I can see bondage, sensation deprivation, humiliation, voyeurism, and few other kinks in there. … Continue reading What’s in a (BDSM) symbol?

Getting my minnie tattoo!!

A little over a week ago I went in for a tattoo consultation. I've got three tattoos I want to get done, and have been waiting for the right artist. I thought I found her. And I still think I did, except that she was going to take almost 3 months to get back to … Continue reading Getting my minnie tattoo!!