Why Submission isn’t always easy

I am not a submissive person. Not in the slightest. To you, my readers and like-minded individuals in the D/s and kinky world, this might be a surprise. But to those who know me in the vanilla world, it is quite the opposite. People from my vanilla world, especially my family; my sisters, brothers, and … Continue reading Why Submission isn’t always easy

A bit of reaffirmation.

As expected our vanilla life is swelling, and it has become a struggle to maintain a feeling of submissiveness. If it wasn't for our morning routine, I think our D/s would fall apart. We are doing a lot to sell our house right now, which is enormously stressful and the tip of the iceberg for … Continue reading A bit of reaffirmation.

We are hitting the road!

Yup, you heard it. We are definitely moving. We made the final decision earlier this week after spending 4 days in Southern California (with the boys), and checking the area out. Here's my PRO List:1. I get to do my dream job. I feel like this deserves more than a single point count. Like maybe … Continue reading We are hitting the road!

How do you make hard decisions?

We live in the PNW. I wasn't born here, and I can always tell a difference. We moved here just before my 6th grade year, the last year of elementary. It took my family over 10 years to be considered locals, and even then there are some who would still call us new-comers. There is … Continue reading How do you make hard decisions?

Still Alive!

I'm officially recovered from pneumonia! Which happened to be followed by a nasty stomach flu that flowed through the house, and took everyone down one-by-one like the nastiest game of battleship ever. It was miserable. Luckily it is over now, and all I have to take is probiotics and get extra sleep. Our trip to … Continue reading Still Alive!